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About Us – The Jet-Fresh Ethic

Sustainable – Seasonal- Boat and Farm Direct … overnight to your kitchen by FedEx

Jet-Fresh took shape in 2000 in response to fellow chefs’ demands for great products in hard-to-access, landlocked locations. For example, we couldn’t see why top tables at winter ski lodges should be excluded from serving Nantucket Bay Scallops in January just because they weren’t near the coast. So we set out to organize a series of fishermen whom we knew personally and trusted, then showed them how to package for FedEx. Taking deliberate baby steps, the list of offerings soon grew beyond seafood to include naturally-raised red meats, poultry and specialties, long before terms like “Green” and “Sustainable” became trendy.  The ideals behind the company remain simple and direct:

  • Source directly from sustainable boats, farms and food artisans.
  • Speed products as quickly as possible to destination kitchens.
  • Approach every client as a chef supplying a fellow chef, with a culinarian’s eye on their specific needs.
  • Inform-Update-Evolve:  Preview seasonal openings, up-trending ingredients and industry protocols.


The Jet-Fresh team is composed exclusively of experienced culinarians– we know what you expect.

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We don’t do business with boats and farms that are environmentally unsound or augment their livestock with unnatural chemicals or fish species irresponsibly. We find ways to encourage our clients to return to cooking with the seasons by giving them up-to-the-minute information on current availability.  Good Karma really works – Jet-Fresh gives back to our local community through food banks and benefit dinners for a variety of Arizona philanthropies.

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