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A little more information about Lingcod

Fresh Alaskan Ling Cod

It may not be a cod or a ling, but a lingcod is an exceptionally good-eating fish, a favorite of West Coast chefs, many of whom prefer it to halibut. Lingcod probably were named by European fishermen who thought the long, thin fish looked like their native ling and had the white flesh of a cod. Equipped with an impressive set of teeth and a huge mouth, lingcod are exceptionally voracious feeders, who are normally found near rock piles and kelp beds. Found from Alaska to California, lingcod are actually members of the greenling family (Hexagrammidae), which includes sculpins and scorpionfish. Although lingcod can reach 90 pounds, the average size in the commercial catch runs between 10 and 15 pounds.


Lingcod are caught mainly as a bycatch of other fisheries, although there is a small directed fishery in the summer in Southeast Alaska, where fishermen drag “dingle bars” (a solid steel bar with jigs trailing behind it) just off the bottom.

The quality—and the price—of lingcod will vary depending upon the method of harvest. The best lingcod is caught by hook-and-line boats that bleed and ice their fish immediately after it is caught.

Some lingcod, especially smaller fish caught near shore, will have an odd bluish-green tinge to their fish. Although it can be alarming to consumers, this fish will cook up just as white as any lingcod.In the kitchen, lingcod are a very versatile fish, with a beautiful white, flaky flesh. Call us today to order yours or request pricing information HERE