Fresh List for July 24th 2013 – Wild Striped Bass Special

Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass

Click HERE for todays Fresh List which includes a significant price drop on Hook & Line Day-Caught Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass Fillet. The fish are averaging 20-30 pounds each yielding Jumbo Skin On Scaled Fillet. Striped Bass is also a well managed fishery making it a sustainable choice you can feel comfortable serving. Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass is rated a BEST CHOICE by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Call us by 1 pm EST to order for next day delivery

We also are continuing to offer excellent pricing on Sashimi Grade Hawaiian Tuna and  several other species direct from the Auction Block in Hawaii including Opah and Monchong


For National Sales outside of Arizona please call Josh @ 860-295-9998 or email
For Arizona Sales please call James @ 602-499-3750 or email