How We Deliver Food

Jet-fresh delivers using FedEx overnight shipping direct to your kitchen. Order today and your restaurant can enjoy the highest quality boat and farm direct wholesale seafood, artisanal meats,wild game,wild mushrooms,fresh poultry and foie gras at prices that are typically LOWER than our competitors. Due to our decade long  partnership and negotiated rates with FedEx we can offer delivered pricing anywhere in the country that might surprise you.

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The Jet-Fresh staff knows that sourcing great product is futile unless we can get it to your kitchen in perfect condition. With that thought in mind, we integrate every partner only after they’ve been schooled and approved in our system of packing and shipping. This process goes beyond boxing great product. We train every shipper to package properly through strict protocols and set up our trademark FedEx and air freight service. This includes utilizing the latest packaging technology to ensure every package is packed to last a minimum of forty-eight hours in transit.

Next-day freshness: guaranteed


At Jet-Fresh, we need you to receive your orders as quickly as possible so we track your packages straight to your door. It’s just one more level of care to give you the confidence that your order won’t be considered complete until we see it signed for in your kitchen.

Ethically sourced — Seasonally inspired — Ultra-fresh and custom-packed… overnight.

Contact us today for unique and high-quality perishables for your restaurant, with next-day shipping guaranteed.