Jet-Fresh Poultry Prices Affected by Drought

As you may have heard, the drought currently underway in America is the worst that we have seen in several decades. At Jet-Fresh, we’ve received many questions from our customers about how the recent drought will affect prices of our products.¬†Feed prices for poultry and livestock farmers have risen by 25% since the drought started. Many producers and retailers of poultry and red meats have had to raise their prices to compensate (although the percentage varies), and the prices of Jet-Fresh poultry will also be affected. This includes chicken, turkey, duck, guinea hen, goose and pheasant, among others.

Jet-Fresh Poultry products

For up-to-date information and pricing on Jet-Fresh Poultry products, our customers are encouraged to subscribe to our price list, which is updated 1-2 times per week. Customers are also welcome to contact us for specific questions regarding the drought-related rise in poultry prices.

All of us at Jet-Fresh thank you for your patience and understanding.