Wild Mushrooms & Specialty Foods for Chefs and Restaurants

Below is a sampling of our wild foraged and cultivated mushrooms and current selection of specialty gourmet food ingredients including fresh caviar selections. We ship via Fedex direct from the mushroom grower in California and foragers in the Pacific Northwest. We also offer the complete Blis product line of Vinegars,Syrups,Roes,Salts and Fish Sauce. A complete list of seasonally available wild mushrooms and in stock caviar can be found via our price list, updated 1-2 times per week. If you are looking for other gourmet specialty foods not listed here please CONTACT  us and we may be able to help as we have a broad network of small artisans who offer some unique and hard to find ingredients.

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Mushrooms & Specialties
• Golden Chanterelles
• Yellowfoot Chanterelles
• Black Trumpets
• Hedgehogs
• Porcini
• Matusake
• Fresh Domestic Black and White Truffles
• Lobster
• Fried Chicken
• Morels
• Stinging Nettles
• Ramps
• Oregon Coastal Huckleberries
• Fiddlehead Ferns
• Velvet Pioppini
• Perigord Black Truffles
• Alba White Truffles
• Maitake
• Brown and White Shemiji
• Royal Trumpet
• Forest Nameko
• Shitake
• White Truffle Oil
• Black Truffle Oil
• Blis Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple Syrups
• Blis Vinegars

• Farm Raised Keluga Sturgeon Caviar
• Farm Raised Amur River Sturgeon Caviar
• Farm Raised Siberian Sturgeon Caviar
• Farm Raised Golden Osetra Caviar
• Blis Wild Steelhead Roes
• Blis Golden Brook Trout Roe
• Blis Golden Aortic Char Roes
• Farm Raised Californian White Sturgeon Caviar
• Domestic Paddlefish Caviar
• Domestic Hackleback Caviar
• American Bowfin Caviar
• Flavor Infused “Pearls”
• Wild Salmon Roe
• Tobikko