How to Order?

Follow these TWO easy steps to open your account :



Step 1:

Click  HERE  to download a New Account Application. Upon completing the New Account Application please return via email to or  fax to 602-268-2801 . One of our Chef’s will be in touch within 24 hours of receipt of your application to say hello and discuss your kitchens requirements. If you’re having problems downloading the application please email or call/text us at 480.470.8226 to request a New Account Application via email or fax


Step 2:
Once your account is established  its a simple as browsing the product list and then contacting us by phone or text at 480.470.8226 or emailing your order.  We will follow up within the hour Monday-Saturday 8 am EST  – 8 pm EST to confirm your order and all of your shipping information


Special Note:

The price list is organized by shipping location to help you accumulate the 25 pound minimum shipment weight from any given shipping location for Free Overnight Shipping. Items may only be combined within a specific shipping location and not between multiple locations. We recommend calling to discuss your specific needs to better assist placing your first order. Also, The published price list is subject to daily changes based on market conditions and is not guaranteed.