Florida Wild Royal Red Shrimp Meat Available

Wild Florida Royal Red Shrimp are now available with a pre-order. These shrimp harvested from the deep waters off the Florida coast right before the drop off of to the Continental Shelf are some of the sweetest shrimp in the world!  Small shrimp boats will sometimes cast there nets over a half mile down to catch these ruby red jewels. Hailed as having the texture of lobster with an unmistakable sweetness not common of farmed Asian shrimp they are sold Head and Shell off and are packed in eight pound tubs. They make an excellent substitution for Gulf Rock Shrimp while still allowing your kitchen to support the hardworking, beleaguered domestic fishing fleet of the US Gulf Coast.


Wild Florida Royal Red Shrimp

If your kitchen is using rock shrimp or baby shrimp for any application as a creative chef and interested culinarian you will want to try these as a substitute. Currently rated “A Good Alternative ” by The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program they are not only a delicious but sustainable choice. You can learn more about the sustainability of Wild Caught Domestic  Shrimp and the Seafood Watch program HERE



The most important factor to many of our customers is current pricing . You will be please to know that our current price delivered anywhere in the country via FedEx is LOWER than our Gulf Rock shrimp at the moment. Contact us TODAY for pricing or with any questions. We hope to hear from you soon!