Zoe’s Meats from Jet-Fresh – Delivering Superior Quality Cured Meats

Zoe's Meats from Jet Fresh - CharcuterieJet-Fresh is proud to supply Zoe’s Meat products to our clients. Since 2007, Zoe’s Meats has delivered high-quality cured meat products to customers all over America. Zoe’s Meats partners with artisanal manufacturers to provide superior quality charcuterie and cured meat products, focusing on strengthening the communities they serve and reducing their environmental footprint.

Cured meats with natural preservatives

Zoe’s Meats strives to produce high-quality cured meats that will be safe for everyone to enjoy – including Zoe herself, the daughter of one of the company’s founders. To achieve this, Zoe’s Meats reduces their use of nitrites and nitrates, opting instead for natural preservatives such as celery extract and sea salt.

Supporting local artisans and communities

Zoe’s Meats seeks out small suppliers whose quality standards and values align with their own. Zoe’s Meats is proud to work with artisanal meat producers that have established their business over generations, and believe in using sustainably-raised ingredients as much as possible.

Additionally, Zoe’s Meats believes in supporting the communities it serves. They provide schools in their delivery areas with nutritious meat at no charge, and encourage new customers to donate to a local school or program. Zoe’s Meats offers nutritional educational programs and assists in developing school gardens.

Sustainably-raised meat and environmentally sound business practices

One of the fundamental beliefs of Zoe’s Meats is reducing their environmental footprint. They seek out sources of sustainably-raised meat, fill their delivery trucks with alternative fuels, and use environmentally-friendly and recycled materials in their delivery trucks and office.

Zoe's Meats from Jet Fresh - Breakfast MeatsCured meat products available from Zoe’s Meats

Here’s a sampling of the Zoe’s Meat cured meat products Jet-Fresh can deliver, with free overnight delivery:

  • GuancialeĀ (Italian-style cured pork jowls)
  • Aged Prosciutto, both whole and sliced
  • Sweet and Hot Coppa
  • Natural deli meats
  • Various breakfast meats, including nitrite-free bacon, dry cured bacon, artisanal ham and chicken apple sausage
  • Pizza topping meats, including pepperoni, hams and sausages
  • Old-fashioned style black forest ham
  • Sodium nitrite-free honey ham
  • Nitrite-free salamis, including Uncured, Genovese, Chorizo and Pepperoni (both stick and sliced)
  • Salame de Cacao with hints of cocoa, chives and a little heat
  • Finocchiona and Sopressatta, Old World-style Salumi
  • Nitrite-free hot dogs
  • Sausages with low nitrites in natural casings

We are also pleased to offer Zoe’s Meats samplers, assortments of salami, charcuterie and breakfast meats hand-picked by Zoe’s Meats for the finest flavor, quality and freshness. Jet-Fresh is also happy to accommodate restaurants, hotels and others looking to place bulk meat orders from Zoe’s Meats.

Contact us today to order superior-quality meat from Zoe’s Meats, with free overnight shipping!