American Farmed Branzino – Harvested to Order

Branzino, also known as European Sea Bass or Loup de Mer, is famous for its few small bones and mild, sweet flavor. It’s a delicate and refined fish, that pleases palates from all over the world. This ocean fish is native to waters off Europe’s Western and Southern Coasts, as well as North Africa! You might be both surprised and delighted that the Branzino is highly recommended as a Best Choice for sustainability by Seafood Watch, when farmed in indoor circulating tanks that create the perfect environment to live in, when they’re not in the European oceans.

These fish are easy to prepare, whole, and easy to filet. That makes this beautiful fish a delight on the table, and the cutting board. However, for those of us that have ever imported the fish, it’s found to be expensive and not quite as sustainable overall. Seafood Watch still considers this an excellent choice, but as chefs, there are a number of other considerations to keep in mind.

Freshness is key, when sourcing this fish for your restaurant. When it’s harvested halfway across the world, many issues can occur during transport. Ocean farming isn’t always ideal, for environmental impact, as it can often require additional chemicals added to the water and fish create concentrated waste that leeches into the oceans.

It may be Branzino, but there is definitely a better way. Now, we’re pleased to announce that Branzino is being farmed by our friends at Ideal Fish right in Connecticut, and it’s even better than it sounds!

Sustainable European Sea Bass

Ocean stock of this fish is depleted. When you import from the Mediterranean waters, fish is usually farmed. When they’re harvested and shipped to destinations all over the world, they lose a lot of that freshness, and beautiful flavor along with it.

When you buy Branzino from Ideal Fish, they utilize a custom designed 63,000 square foot space full of their perfect environment for these fish to thrive in. With their incredible results, chefs and fine food purveyors all over the country have been able to source fresher, more sustainable fish without the environmental footprint of cross-country shipping!

They have innovated their own farming technique that makes this fish available at scale! Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, or R.A.S., is a technology that has been around for decades. This solves the issue with waste contaminating the environment, properly disposing of it and recirculating clean water back into their massive tanks.

Fresh Branzino, Harvested to Order

At Jet-Fresh, we understand the desire to cook with the best. As former chefs, we have found the best ways to get incredible fish is to go right to the farm or fishery. In this case, we have partnered with Ideal Fish to ship beautiful Branzino across the country.

The best part is that Ideal Fish harvests their fish to order, so you know it’s fresh!

There are always advancements in fishing to help keep our ocean water as clean as possible, while preserving fish populations. Ideal Fish claims to have the world’s purest fish, but you’ll have to taste the difference for yourself.

If you’re ready, give us a call at 480-595-9979 or create a new account with us! We’re happy to help you get the best, freshest possible fish on your menu. All you’ve gotta do is ask!

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