American Farmed Branzino – Harvested to Order

Branzino, also known as European Sea Bass or Loup de Mer, is famous for its few small bones and mild, sweet flavor. It’s a delicate and refined fish, that pleases palates from all over the world. This ocean fish is native to waters off Europe’s Western and Southern Coasts, as well as North Africa! You might be both surprised and delighted that the Branzino is highly recommended as a Best Choice for sustainability by Seafood Watch, when farmed in indoor circulating tanks that create the perfect environment to live in, when they’re not in the European oceans. These fish are easy to prepare, whole, and easy to filet. That makes this beautiful fish a delight on the table, and the […]


Ramps Season – Why We’re Wild about Ramps

Ramps have become a darling of the Spring vegetable world, with farmers markets ablaze in consumers and chefs vying for the garlicky, pungent flavor. In short, they’re delicious if food instagrammers and chefs are to be believed. This green onion/leek relative is also known scientifically as allium tricoccum, and their growth spans from Appalachia all the way up to Quebec. Every season, chefs have an opportunity to expand their menu in unique and delicious ways, and season for this vegetable often runs short. To us, this means that ramps can lend their flavor to a wide variety of foods, much like their allium counterparts. But why are they so special? Short Season, Picky Growth Did you know that there is […]


Why Grass-Fed Beef isn’t USDA Graded

It’s well known that the USDA grades cuts of meat based on their own outlined criteria. But why is it that Grass-Fed beef is rarely ever met with this distinction? You’ll see Select, Choice, and Prime on all its grain-fed counterparts, and that may impress upon you the quality of the cut. However, grass-fed beef is simply grass-fed beef, and you must perform a visual inspection to assess the amount of marbling you truly desire. It’s certainly more difficult when your meat is ordered into your kitchen, rather than purchased directly from a butcher. As chefs, we all need a little more transparency when it comes to our foods, and USDA guidelines are an excellent way to help guide our […]

Live Santa Monica Spot Prawns

All About Spot Prawns

Spot Prawns or Amaebi lobster like gems with a decadently and sweet finish. Because of the aforementioned sweetness, they’re also frequently called “sweet shrimp,” these babies have a short season and decadent flavor made for indulgent palates. They’re sustainable, as harvest is kept strictly regulated in short seasons throughout the U.S. West Coast. Up until about 8 years ago, most of these little buggers were exported overseas, much like Spiny Lobsters. When awareness boosted about sweet shrimp, a market was created right here in the U.S.! This highly anticipated seasonal food is important for any chef that cooks shrimp, and especially sushi chefs. Spot Prawns Vs Shrimp While they might be called “prawns” these guys are technically shrimp. You might […]


Chefs Love Halibut; Let Us Count the Ways

We’re about to enter Alaskan Halibut Season 2019 and we’re as excited as ever to offer you the best, as your seafood purveyor. We get a little giddy, but can you blame us? Season Dates are: March 15th to November 14th!  As the largest flatfish, they are delicious and in demand. We’re fortunate that we can get halibut year-round from both Maine and Alaska, but now is the time for Alaskan caught halibut to shine! We’ve got the details on the season, so you can remain informed as to what is coming in and out of your kitchen from year to year. Atlantic Halibut has been questionable, but Pacific or Alaskan Halibut has been consistently available and well-managed. In fact, alotted fishing […]

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