Everyone Loves John Dory — The Fish, not the man.

You’d never know it by looking at this frightful looking fish, but the John Dory fish is an appetizing delicacy fit for a king. Those among us that are privy to the flavor and texture of the John Dory are the enlightened among us, as this delicious fish aims to fool the uninitiated. Do not be fooled. The fact that it has a face only a mother could love, and threatening spikes is besides the point. This fish has a longstanding culinary history to enjoy, with a layer of mythology on top. John Dory Fish Facts If legends are to be believed, over 2000 years ago St. Peter dropped a coin into the Sea of Galilee, and a fish caught […]


Stone Crab Season

If you’re outside of Florida, you may not have indulged in these local delicacies. Many chefs love to include stone carbs on a cocktail menu, because they’re excellent served cold with hot butter or a traditional mustard sauce. We’re happy to say that stone crab season is in full swing, and we’re just the restaurant wholesaler to give you this sustainable food quickly, and easily. Everglades City, Florida, claims they are the birthplace of the stone crab industry. The statistics don’t lie, as the communities along Florida’s Gulf coast bring in 98% of the states stone crab claws. Fortunately for us, and sustainable seafood chefs, Florida Stone Crab holds a green rating from the Seafood Watch program which makes it […]

Porcini mushrooms in wooden tray over rustic background and woman's hand holding one mushroom, top view

Porcini Mushroom Season in Oregon

We’re beyond excited that Porcini Mushroom Season is underway in Oregon, and we’re getting these little piggies fresh from the market! Porcini mushrooms are among the more meaty mushroom varieties fit your any plate. Specific areas to find them includes North America, Europe, and even Asia! Harvesting them in the wild means that you’ll have fresh wild porcinis to enjoy all season long! Porcini tends to sprout naturally in Deciduous and Coniferous forests and tree plantations. They’re usually 3-5 inches tall with a dark brown cap and a thick, white stalk, and are prized for their nutty, umami flavor.  Their symbiotic relationship with trees makes them difficult to cultivate, so you should get them fresh and wild while you can! […]


Japanese Seafood Importers – Now Direct from Hokkaido!

As Japanese seafood importers, we know that getting high quality sushi fish can be pricey. However, we also know that chefs have a bottom line that must be met by their wholesale fish suppliers. Top notch fish comes at a premium price, usually because exporters have to go through several routes to ship to the U.S.. These additional miles and markets add surcharges with every hand it passes through; which is the case with food shipping from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. We’re now introducing certain varieties that have a more direct route to The States, skipping the seafood market entirely! Supply depends on which fish is in season, but as long as you’re in direct communication with us […]

California Spiny Lobster

California Spiny Lobster Season

The California Spiny Lobster (also known as Rock Lobster) isn’t easily mistaken for an actual rock. However, these escape artists will often hide underneath rocks when divers try to pin them down to catch them during California Spiny Lobster season. After all, they certainly don’t know that they are delicious indulgences not commonly placed on American tables. We were at the beach Everybody had matching towels Somebody went under a dock And there they saw a rock It wasn’t a rock It was a rock lobster As to why the ocean treasures aren’t frequently enjoyed here, it mostly boils down to the fact that they are cost prohibitive. Many Californian and Mexican commercial fisheries export these beautiful bugs to China. […]

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