What is Ivory King Salmon?

You might have seen the Ivory King Salmon, and overlooked this striking fish not knowing what it was. It’s worth its weight in, at least, King Salmon.  The unique alabaster flesh, stands out among the King Salmon population, because only 5% of the King salmon population has this unique characteristic. The rich, ruby red flesh of the Wild Alaskan King is a ubiquitous characteristic.  While once considered less desirable, this pale meat has long been coveted by Alaskans. They’re now making a splash in the commercial market, driving up the cost of this unique and rare commodity.  How ivory salmon gets its color? You may wonder why Ivory Salmon, maintains the flavor and texture of the bright red salmon you’ve […]


4 of the Best Fish for Grilling

As chefs, we’re expected to know everything. If you already know the best fish for grilling, then this is not the article for you. This is for those of us that are either having trouble deciding on the best fish for an entrée, or have been stuck cooking meat for our entire culinary lives. Ultimately, it matters who we hire around us to help fill in our gaps of knowledge, and help ensure our vision is executed perfectly. While we may know a lot, there are things we forget, and things we haven’t tried. After all, there are thousands of ways to fillet a fish (not really). But there are many ways to GRILL a fish, and that’s ultimately what […]

atlantic halibut

Atlantic Halibut Culinary Profile

Halibut is a favorite fish for chefs to work with, whether it’s from the East coast halibut or from the wild Alaskan waters. We make sure to have fisheries on both sides of the coin, so chefs that work with us have a choice in the matter and almost never run out of halibut options year-round. Whether you’re looking for a good price or sustainability, you must ensure that your fish meets the needs and desires you’re pushing as a chef. Maine Halibut is the largest of all flatfish, weighing in around 25-30 lbs, and can weigh up to 600lbs!  Halibut from the East Coast is just as delicious as Alaskan, but if it’s from larger fish, you can expect […]


Pompano Fish: Taste and Profile

Pompano has been called the world’s most edible fish, much to the surprise of many consumers. However, we tend to believe that many people simply haven’t tried this fish. We know better. If you’re wondering about the Pompano Fish taste, the flesh is somewhat similar to mahi-mahi, mullet, or snapper. The flavor is both aromatic, firm, and rich, without the oiliness you might find in another fish like mackerel. It’s clean-tasting, firm, and sweet all in one, and the bones are tender, making it also easy to prepare.  Many people will buy the fish entrée, as a given, but we think that providing them with something fresh and different would be an incredible way to introduce them to something they […]


Ramps Season – Why We’re Wild about Ramps

Ramps have become a darling of the Spring vegetable world, with farmers markets ablaze in consumers and chefs vying for the garlicky, pungent flavor. In short, they’re delicious if food instagrammers and chefs are to be believed. This green onion/leek relative is also known scientifically as allium tricoccum, and their growth spans from Appalachia all the way up to Quebec. Every season, chefs have an opportunity to expand their menu in unique and delicious ways, and season for this vegetable often runs short. To us, this means that ramps can lend their flavor to a wide variety of foods, much like their allium counterparts. But why are they so special? Short Season, Picky Growth Did you know that there is […]

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