Ahi and Tuna Grading for Chefs and Restaurants

Also known as Big Eye Tuna — and erroneously known as “ahi tuna”– Ahi is a sought after source of protein for chefs across the country. When sushi became en vogue, so did tuna, and it’s now permanently embedded onto the collective American palate. Ahi is the Hawaiian word for “tuna” which refers to both Yellowtail tuna and Big Eye tuna. However, many consumers and foodies know very little about how to correctly buy tuna, resulting in some very unfortunate mishaps in home kitchens. Mostly, they’re just happy to eat it in restaurants like yours, and tend to know where they enjoy it the most. As chefs, it’s our responsibility to stay educated about food — someone has to do […]


King Crab Season 2019

King Crab season is a time to rejoice! Some of the most delicious seafood is readily available, and always at the best prices during peak season, but King Crab is a real winner across the board. Whether it’s simply for eating, or watching crabbers on The Deadliest Catch on television, there is a high demand for this sustainable seafood choice. As one of the most indulgent seafood choices, we’re pleased to report that prices are holding firm. So take advantage, chef, because it’s prime time to catch these crustaceans, for an indulgent taste of their sweet, tender leg meat. King Crab Sustainability Did you know that every King Crab you eat is a dude? When fishing for Alaska King Crab, […]


Everyone Loves John Dory — The Fish, not the man.

You’d never know it by looking at this frightful looking fish, but the John Dory fish is an appetizing delicacy fit for a king. Those among us that are privy to the flavor and texture of the John Dory are the enlightened among us, as this delicious fish aims to fool the uninitiated. Do not be fooled. The fact that it has a face only a mother could love, and threatening spikes is besides the point. This fish has a longstanding culinary history to enjoy, with a layer of mythology on top. John Dory Fish Facts If legends are to be believed, over 2000 years ago St. Peter dropped a coin into the Sea of Galilee, and a fish caught […]

Image of chef in restaurant with an Alaskan Halibut on a cutting board.

Alaskan Halibut Season Closes – Substitutes and Alternatives

Many chefs enjoy having Alaskan Halibut on their restaurant menu, but when fishing season ends they might have pigeonholed themselves into a fishy pickle. In a few weeks from today, Alaskan Halibut season is out so you may be concerned that you’ll have to remove the flaky flatfish from your menu. Never fear — JetFresh is here! We’re here to keep halibut alive. We mean that. For sustainability’s sake, we must ensure that fish populations do not become overfished, so we encourage our chefs to cook seasonally. Not only does it ensure greater fish quality, but it also ensure you’re getting the best pricing available We’re lucky to have many fisheries across the country that source different species of seafood […]


Alaskan Halibut Season is Open! – Important Facts and Tips

As seafood purveyors, we are beyond excited that Alaskan Halibut season is in full swing for 2018! Also known as the Hippos of the Sea, this incredible flatfish has prices dropping just as soon as they hit the dock. If you’re looking for a sustainably caught fish with an excellent price, we will help you do right by your food costs and patrons. As the largest of all flounders/flatfish, these guys have an average catch weight of 25-30lbs, but can grow to weigh over 600lbs! Alaskan Halibut is recommended as most sustainable by Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch program, due to the fact that Atlantic stocks are currently overfished. How long is Alaskan Halibut Season? The whole season spans from around […]

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