Fresh List for August 12th 2013 – Wild Florida Spiny Lobsters

Fresh Florida Spiny Lobster season has begun with newly trapped and freshly killed lobsters ready to ship daily. Sized at over one and a half pounds each these lobsters are prized for their succulent sweet tail meat. Also rated a “BEST CHOICE” by the Monterey Bay Seafood watch program making them a sustainable choice.

We are also seeing increased catches of American Red Snapper in Florida with boats offloading fish sized up to 15 pounds each. Pricing has fallen as a result making it a great time to use Florida Red Snappers on your menu! Call by 1 pm EST to order for next day delivery via FedEx or Airfreight.

Click HERE to view Today’s Fresh List for Fresh Seafood, Wild Game, Speciality Meats, Mushrooms and more delivered via FedEx

For National Sales outside of Arizona please call Josh @ 860-295-9998 or email sales@jetfresh.net

For Arizona Sales please call James @ 602-499-3750 or email james@jetfresh.net

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