Fresh Nantucket Bay Scalops

Fresh Nantucket Bay Scalops

Fresh Nantucket Bay scallop season is under way in Nantucket with Fresh product arriving daily based on weather conditions. Please call us to pre-order and to confirm pricing as fluctuations in both supply and price are expected the first few weeks of the season.

Fresh Bay Scallops are also arriving from the Peconic Bay in New York that is priced lower than true Nantucket Bays. Please call or email to discuss pricing and availability on New York bay scallops.

As you may know Wild Alaskan Halibut season officially ended last week. We are seeing small catches of Fresh Halibut from Maine to Nova Scotia and Fresh Whole Fish and Fillets are available this week. Wild Salmon season is for all intents and purposes done for the year with the exception of the Winter Troll Season in Alaska which commands premium prices due to the very limited landings of fish. Please contact us to discuss Frozen at Sea pricing for Wild Sockeye and King Salmon as an alternative.

Click HERE for Today’s Fresh list.

Pricing and availability subject to change at any time. Please confirm when ordering.

For All Sales please call James @ 602-499-3750 or email

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