Image of Chanterelle Mushrooms.

Fresh Oregon Chanterelle Mushrooms and Hawaiian Auction Direct Seafood

Our special on Wild Foraged Oregon Chanterelle Mushrooms continues AGAIN this week with prices down yet again. The season thus far has yielded an impressive harvest meaning prices remain low. Time to buy in bulk to freeze, pickle, dry or wherever your creativity leads you.

Hawaiian Tuna prices remain strong after several weeks of poor landings in Honolulu. However, Pricing on Opah, Monchong, Escolar, Marlins, Spearfish and Barracuda are an excellent value at the moment as boats are arriving at auction daily with significant catches. Customers East of the Rockies please order no later than 12 PM EST for next day delivery. Customers West of the Rockies may order by 4 PM EST for next day delivery from Hawaii.

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For National Sales outside of Arizona please call Josh @ 860-295-9998 or email sales@jetfresh.net

For Arizona Sales please call James @ 602-499-3750 or email james@jetfresh.net

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