Jet-Fresh, Inc.

How We Deliver

At Jet-Fresh, we know that you need a partner you can rely on, and for over 20 years we have worked hand-in-hand with our network of farmers, fishermen, and foragers to maintain high-quality perishables and provide fresh foods like seafood, meat, and mushrooms to restaurants with free shipping.

We also understand that there is no point in shipping directly from the boat or farm if we cannot ship the product as quickly as possible. That is why we position ourselves as a fishmonger, meat supplier and mushroom wholesaler with free shipping, through FedEx as our partner.

National shipping is Free

  • Free FedEx Shipping – direct to your restaurant, with a minimum order.
  • Packed for 48 Hours Transit, even for overnight orders.
  • Air Freight and trucking options available for volume orders.

Arizona Local Delivery

  • Free Local Delivery in Greater Phoenix/Scottsdale.
  • Refrigerated Delivery to locations outside of Phoenix, minimal fees apply.
  • Order by 9:30pm for next day delivery for all stock items.

Why We Provide Restaurant Supply with Free Shipping

Our fresh reputation depends on fast shipping, outstanding customer service, and proper food packaging. Every partner we work with has been taught our fundamental philosophies and procedures, so we can ensure the product meets our shared standards.

Free shipping to your restaurant is important, so we maintain transparency with our pricing within our price list. We guarantee ethical sourcing and provide free shipping because we know that your food costs are important to know ahead of time.

As a company, we have a trusted partnership with FedEx, so that we get the best shipping rates possible from a reliable courier. Since our providers are schooled in our packaging procedures, this means that quality is maintained throughout the delivery process, from boat to door.

If you want fresh seafood, specialty meats, and wild mushrooms delivered to your fine dining restaurant for free, put in an application today and sign up for our weekly price list!