Japanese Seafood Importers – Now Direct from Hokkaido!

Japanese Seafood Importers – Now Direct from Hokkaido!

As Japanese seafood importers, we know that getting high quality sushi fish can be pricey. However, we also know that chefs have a bottom line that must be met by their wholesale fish suppliers.

Top notch fish comes at a premium price, usually because exporters have to go through several routes to ship to the U.S.. These additional miles and markets add surcharges with every hand it passes through; which is the case with food shipping from the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. We’re now introducing certain varieties that have a more direct route to The States, skipping the seafood market entirely!

Supply depends on which fish is in season, but as long as you’re in direct communication with us as your restaurant wholesaler –or have signed up for our restaurant wholesale price list— you will always know what is on the menu!

Why Hokkaido Direct?

Hokkaido is consistently colder, with access to an ocean that has a mix of cold currents from the Arctic and the warm Pacific. This makes for incredible fishing conditions with a unique mix and variety as compared to other fishing regions of the world!

Obtaining fish directly from the Hokkaido market has always been expensive in the United States. Most Hokkaido fish has to pass through the Tsukiji market, which can incorporate market surcharges of as much as 30% more! That makes for a premium price on some of the best seafood in the world.

Shipping directly from Hokkaido, the Northernmost of Japan’s main islands, means that fish does not have to be trucked from Hokkaido to Tokyo and then into the Tsukiji market for a USA shipment. This means no unnecessary surcharges, and a faster time from the boat to your hands.

And when seafood ships faster, it’s even fresher!

Some might say “Jet Fresh-er”.

Which Hokkaido Fish are Available?

While availability and price will depend on the catch and market in Hokkaido, some of the products that we will be featuring from the region are detailed below, so keep an eye out for your favorites!

  • Wild Yellowtail
  • Sanma
  • Black Rockfish
  • Barfin Flounder
  • Ohba-Iwashi
  • Muki Hokkigai
  • Muki-Hotate

With fish such as Wild Yellowtail, Muki-Hotate, and more, you’ll have a wide variety of sushi fish coming from Hokkaido! It doesn’t get any more traditional than that.

Even the most traditional among us want something new and interesting, but getting some of the best sushi fish in the world sometimes requires heading to the source. If you’re a Western chef that wants to get their hands on some unique varieties, this is an incredible opportunity to outfit your sushi staff (or itamae, for the initiated) with new, adventurous fish they will enjoy preparing. It promises to be as Jet Fresh as if you were in the Tsukiji Market, yourself — for less!

Sign up for our price list and stay updated to our prices on incredible seafood, and more! If you’re ready to get started, we can help you right here.