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Our Products

Is there anything more exciting than opening a box to see your Spot Prawns still kicking or your Yellowtail Snapper staring back through crystal-clear eyes? Or your Wagyu Striploin’s rich marbling next to perfectly frenched Sonoma lamb racks? Jet-Fresh was conceived in 2000 to deliver that feeling to your kitchen door with every shipment, regardless of how simple or luxurious your order may be.

At Jet-Fresh we source all of our products with the same care that the most exacting chefs provide for their own menus. As “chefs providing products for fellow chefs,” it’s the only way we know how to do it.

There are a few fundamental principles that drive every list of products we offer:

  • Keep it SEASONAL
  • Keep it ON THE EDGE of what’s happening in modern kitchens
  • Keep it CUSTOMIZED to the needs of each specific Chef

Sourcing the best products, one relationship at a time

To accomplish all of these things requires constant refinement of the items we offer from our sources. We don’t simply bomb our clients with everything each shipper carries. Jet-Fresh SELECTS the goods on our list based on their quality, seasonal interest and background. We work to enhance our chef-centered dialogue with targeted lists for various styles of restaurants, such as our Bistro List, our Spring Seafood flier and our Seasonal Update page.

We also take the time to meet the people behind the boats and the farms and the kitchens which provide you with the best ingredients available. This is crucial to our success. When supply gets tight, it’s been proven time and time again that the strength of our relationships wins us (and you) the best products.

Lastly, we encourage you to call us for HARD-TO-FIND items you don’t happen to see on our weekly listings. Many consider this our specialty when must-have ingredients seem unavailable.


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