Porcini Mushroom Season in Oregon

Porcini Mushroom Season in Oregon

We’re beyond excited that Porcini Mushroom Season is underway in Oregon, and we’re getting these little piggies fresh from the market!

Porcini mushrooms are among the more meaty mushroom varieties fit your any plate. Specific areas to find them includes North America, Europe, and even Asia! Harvesting them in the wild means that you’ll have fresh wild porcinis to enjoy all season long!

Porcini tends to sprout naturally in Deciduous and Coniferous forests and tree plantations. They’re usually 3-5 inches tall with a dark brown cap and a thick, white stalk, and are prized for their nutty, umami flavor.  Their symbiotic relationship with trees makes them difficult to cultivate, so you should get them fresh and wild while you can!

The sought after Porcini mushroom is excellent in everything from pastas, risottos, all your favorite braises, or even grilled as a vegetarian entrée. We’re sure for you, chef, that you already have an idea in mind for these meaty morsels of goodness!

What does Porcini mean anyway?

Boletus edulis isn’t a catchy name, anyway.

The ancient Romans called them “hog mushrooms”, because pigs were very fond of the flavor themselves. This may have been a natural progression into Italian, because “porcini” means “little piglets”.  They’re also known as the king bolete, cèpe (in French), Steinpilz (the “stone mushroom” in German), and many other fun names throughout the world!

Stock up on Fresh Porcini Mushrooms

Why not? Use them in a featured dish or dry them out for later use! Prices are most advantageous while in season, after all, but they’re also in very high demand.

These mushrooms do dry exceedingly well, and can easily be used in cooking after rehydrating. If you’re feeling inspired, porcini powder is a delicious way to employ a little extra umami in your dishes.

We always like to say we’re more than great seafood, and as purveyors it is in our best interest to ensure you have a wide variety of products to choose from. Our mycological friends ensure that we get as much as we can in season, at the peak of freshness!

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