Porcini Mushrooms and Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws

Porcini Mushrooms and Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws

As the weather cools in Oregon we have seen several new varieties of Wild Mushrooms arrive daily from our foragers. Fresh Porcini, Chicken of the Woods and Matusakes are all available this week in addition to Lobsters, Chanterelles and Fried Chicken Mushrooms. Prices remain VERY low on Chanterelles and we are offering excellent deals on bulk orders. Please call us if you would like to order 50 pounds or more for some AMAZING pricing.

Fresh Florida Stone Crab season is in full swing and claws of all sizes are ready to ship. Today’s pricing is enclosed but please confirm pricing when ordering later in the week as it may change as the season progresses.

High winds on the East Coast forced many boats off the water the last 4 days limiting landing of species like Cod, Flounder, Sole, Monkfish and Skate. Please call us daily for pricing on these species as it will change as more boats land with their catches.

Click HERE for Today’s Fresh list. Pricing and availability subject to change at any time. Please confirm when ordering.

For All Sales please call James @ 602-499-3750 or email james@jetfresh.net

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