atlantic halibut

Atlantic Halibut Culinary Profile

Halibut is a favorite fish for chefs to work with, whether it’s from the East coast halibut or from the wild Alaskan waters. We make sure to have fisheries on both sides of the coin, so chefs that work with us have a choice in the matter and almost never run out of halibut options year-round. Whether you’re looking for a good price or sustainability, you must ensure that your fish meets the needs and desires you’re pushing as a chef. Maine Halibut is the largest of all flatfish, weighing in around 25-30 lbs, and can weigh up to 600lbs!  Halibut from the East Coast is just as delicious as Alaskan, but if it’s from larger fish, you can expect […]

Image of chef in restaurant with an Alaskan Halibut on a cutting board.

Alaskan Halibut Season Closes – Substitutes and Alternatives

Many chefs enjoy having Alaskan Halibut on their restaurant menu, but when fishing season ends they might have pigeonholed themselves into a fishy pickle. In a few weeks from today, Alaskan Halibut season is out so you may be concerned that you’ll have to remove the flaky flatfish from your menu. Never fear — JetFresh is here! We’re here to keep halibut alive. We mean that. For sustainability’s sake, we must ensure that fish populations do not become overfished, so we encourage our chefs to cook seasonally. Not only does it ensure greater fish quality, but it also ensure you’re getting the best pricing available We’re lucky to have many fisheries across the country that source different species of seafood […]

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