Why Grass-Fed Beef isn’t USDA Graded

It’s well known that the USDA grades cuts of meat based on their own outlined criteria. But why is it that Grass-Fed beef is rarely ever met with this distinction? You’ll see Select, Choice, and Prime on all its grain-fed counterparts, and that may impress upon you the quality of the cut. However, grass-fed beef is simply grass-fed beef, and you must perform a visual inspection to assess the amount of marbling you truly desire. It’s certainly more difficult when your meat is ordered into your kitchen, rather than purchased directly from a butcher. As chefs, we all need a little more transparency when it comes to our foods, and USDA guidelines are an excellent way to help guide our […]


Santa Carota Beef – Grass Fed, Carrot Finished

We’re all familiar with grass-fed beef, but what if you could enjoy grass-fed beef with a twist? Santa Carota beef is a company that is innovating the foodspace by simply changing what their cows consume. This company started quickly, when they realized how good their heifers tasted when they finished feeding them with carrots. “We’re eight and ten miles from the two largest carrot producers in the world,” says Justin Petit, which is a huge portion of how they source their feed, as sustainably as possible. The Petit family has been producing beef for more than 40 years at their beautiful family farm in the lower foothills of the majestic Breckenridge Mountain, east of Bakersfield, California. They’ve always made carrots […]

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