Mahi Mahi

Mahi-Mahi Traceability at The Touch of a Smartphone

We all know Mahi-Mahi is the fish-so-nice-they-named-it-twice, but how well is this dolphin fish traced? They answer may lie directly in your back pocket. When it comes to mahi-mahi and sustainability, this sweet flavored whitefish is a sustainable choice per several seafood regulators in the country. As a company, we do our very best to push for sustainable options, much to the excitement of many chefs across the country. Mahi Mahi Sustainability To ensure you’re getting sustainably caught fish, look for Mahi-Mahi caught by U.S. fisheries, or do your homework on the company you’re sourcing your seafood from. At least, if you’re a chef in the U.S. According to FoodAndWaterWatch.org, “U.S. fisheries are regulated by management plans that monitor for […]


Stone Crab Season

If you’re outside of Florida, you may not have indulged in these local delicacies. Many chefs love to include stone carbs on a cocktail menu, because they’re excellent served cold with hot butter or a traditional mustard sauce. We’re happy to say that stone crab season is in full swing, and we’re just the restaurant wholesaler to give you this sustainable food quickly, and easily. Everglades City, Florida, claims they are the birthplace of the stone crab industry. The statistics don’t lie, as the communities along Florida’s Gulf coast bring in 98% of the states stone crab claws. Fortunately for us, and sustainable seafood chefs, Florida Stone Crab holds a green rating from the Seafood Watch program which makes it […]

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