Wholesale Food Suppliers for Restaurants

Supplier of ultra-fresh Boat and Farm Direct Wholesale Seafood, Game, Meats, Poultry and Mushrooms to America’s finest restaurants
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Since 2001, Jet-Fresh has been America’s finest wholesale restaurant food distributor with the freshest perishables that evolve with today’s fine dining menus. We partner with fishermen, farmers, foragers and food artisans who are driven by a shared passion for quality and freshness that has become the hallmark of the Jet-Fresh name.

Our seafood, meats, poultry and wild-foraged ingredients are chosen from a chef’s perspective for their peak quality, seasonality and speed to your door. We prefer to cook virtually every product we ship, so we can regularly assess and maintain the quality we ask of our food partners.


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Next-day delivery to all restaurants

We ship same-day, auction-direct seafood from Hawaii. Our squabs, partridges, pheasants and other poultry are shipped the same day they are killed. Our turbot, dover sole, wild daurade and other European fish are tendered to FedEx less than four hours after they clear customs, as are all our New Zealand species.

We artisanally dry-age lamb, bison and kobe beef to our clients’ exact specs. Our truffles reek of . . . truffles. At Jet-Fresh, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to the freshest perishable ingredients for your restaurant.

Ethical and sustainable

Ethics play a major role in the Jet-Fresh philosophy—both in terms of how we treat our customers as well as the standards and practices of our partners. We only deal with sustainable, seasonal, eco-friendly fisheries.

We source sustainably-farmed meat/poultry which employ no hormones or animal by-product feeds and adhere to strict codes of humane animal husbandry. Your restaurant gets high-quality perishables that you can feel good serving.