4 of the Best Fish for Grilling

4 of the Best Fish for Grilling

As chefs, we’re expected to know everything. If you already know the best fish for grilling, then this is not the article for you. This is for those of us that are either having trouble deciding on the best fish for an entrée, or have been stuck cooking meat for our entire culinary lives.

Ultimately, it matters who we hire around us to help fill in our gaps of knowledge, and help ensure our vision is executed perfectly. While we may know a lot, there are things we forget, and things we haven’t tried. After all, there are thousands of ways to fillet a fish (not really). But there are many ways to GRILL a fish, and that’s ultimately what the Summer is all about!

For instances like this, we want a steak-ier, meat-ier fish that can stand up to the harsh heat on a grill, while maintaining its shape. We’ve selected these, as they’re perfect for the Summer season based on sustainability, and taste!

  1. Albacore Tuna – This popular fish is a crowd pleaser, for sure, as patrons are extremely familiar with tuna. Realistically, any tuna is an excellent choice for grilling, as they’re usually cut thick, they don’t need as much cooking time, and it’s also fresh and sustainable.
  2. Whole Black Seabass – They’re amazing, especially when they’re wild, but work best as a whole fish entrée. These guys come in at an excellent cost, and will please even the pickiest of fish eaters.
  3. Wild Striped Bass – With the skin on, it’s a treat! This fish tends to be meat-ier, and stands up well to high heat cooking. 
  4. Salmon – You’d be crazy to go a Summer without salmon. As a Summer staple, it’s plentiful, and well priced. That makes it an excellent option for any seasonal entrée!

It may be your job to know everything, but sometimes you don’t have to know it all! You might find that your next best selling fish dish meets all the criteria for sustainability, cost effectiveness, and flavor!

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