4 of the Best Fish for Grilling

As chefs, we’re expected to know everything. If you already know the best fish for grilling, then this is not the article for you. This is for those of us that are either having trouble deciding on the best fish for an entrée, or have been stuck cooking meat for our entire culinary lives. Ultimately, […]

Everything You Need To Know about Escolar

Walu, also known as Escolar, is a delicious, succulent fish that was once considered worthless. We like to think we know better now, but it was also highly regarded prior to falling out of favor in the culinary community.   However, his fish is experiencing a revival of sorts, as chefs are turning to fish […]

Ahi and Tuna Grading for Chefs and Restaurants

Also known as Big Eye Tuna — and erroneously known as “ahi tuna”– Ahi is a sought after source of protein for chefs across the country. When sushi became en vogue, so did tuna, and it’s now permanently embedded onto the collective American palate. Ahi is the Hawaiian word for “tuna” which refers to both […]