King Crab Season 2019

King Crab season is a time to rejoice! Some of the most delicious seafood is readily available, and always at the best prices during peak season, but King Crab is a real winner across the board. Whether it’s simply for eating, or watching crabbers on The Deadliest Catch on television, there is a high demand for this sustainable seafood choice. As one of the most indulgent seafood choices, we’re pleased to report that prices are holding firm. So take advantage, chef, because it’s prime time to catch these crustaceans, for an indulgent taste of their sweet, tender leg meat. King Crab Sustainability Did you know that every King Crab you eat is a dude? When fishing for Alaska King Crab, […]


Dungeness Crab Season 2019 is here!

Was your Christmas a little less exciting without Dungeness Crab on the menu? Many chefs lamented the delay of dungeness crab season this last fall, however they’re finally here and they’re ready for your tables. Dungeness Crab Season 2019 is now ready for you to get your orders in! Dungeness crab is larger than a blue crab. In fact, they’re large enough to serve two people! These ocean delights are typically caught from late Fall through Late Spring, in most years. This year, first tests concluded that these crabs just weren’t meaty enough for officials to declare open season on crabbing for this West Coast delicacy. After a month long delay, these babies are back on the menu fresh from […]

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