Dungeness Crab Season 2019 is here!

Dungeness Crab Season 2019 is here!

Was your Christmas a little less exciting without Dungeness Crab on the menu? Many chefs lamented the delay of dungeness crab season this last fall, however they’re finally here and they’re ready for your tables. Dungeness Crab Season 2019 is now ready for you to get your orders in!

Dungeness crab is larger than a blue crab. In fact, they’re large enough to serve two people! These ocean delights are typically caught from late Fall through Late Spring, in most years. This year, first tests concluded that these crabs just weren’t meaty enough for officials to declare open season on crabbing for this West Coast delicacy.

After a month long delay, these babies are back on the menu fresh from Oregon.

Dungeness Crab is Sustainable Seafood

Seafood watch has given the Dungeness crab a rating of a “Good Alternative” to species that may be overfished or out of season. This also demonstrates that the dungeness is caught in a way that is sustainable to the ocean environment.

This crab with a sweet flavor and moist, tender flesh is heavily sought after over the Holidays, and through late Spring as this is the season where they are most plentiful and healthier. As you’re preparing to add these to your menu, you’ll see quickly that they’re a worthwhile addition as a stir fry, or a fun way to teach your cooks a new skill when it comes to breaking them down with a cleaver.

Dungeness Crab vs King Crab

We love Dungeness for the fact that you have more than just the legs to enjoy; it’s a fine package deal!

The meat is sweeter than King Crab, and has a little extra pocket on the back of the shell full of what we refer to as “crab butter” or “crab mustard” making the dungeness a 2-in-1 treat. This delicacy tastes excellent on a baguette, but some people simply eat it straight up.

That said, this isn’t fat or roe, as some people may expect. The crab butter is actually the crab’s hepatopancreas gland, which is part of the crab’s digestive system, and assists in creating digestive enzymes. This might sound strange, but sometimes the best eatin’ around is the underutilized parts.

Whether you just want the legs, or you want a bit more, this crab is an indulgent treat to enjoy. So make sure you get your hands on some of these, while season lasts!